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ProCentras is a professional photo laboratory, the only one in Lithuania to print large format high quality photographs

Our centre offers a wide spectrum of high quality services, such as the development of all kinds of films, photo editing, digital restoration of old photographs. We also offer professional photo design service – we prepare photographs for printing, photo albums and books. All of our staff members are well-trained specialists of their sphere and they are always ready to help you.

Our trustworthiness is illustrated by the range of our customers, many of whom are well-known Lithuanian artists. ProCentras touches up the negatives of Antanas Sutkus, one of the greatest Lithuanian photographers. Here we prepared and printed photographs for such projects as Marius Jovaisa Unseen Lithuania, Vaidotas Grigas Women, Ricardas and Jurga Anusauskai Far Away – Close Up, also for the amazing exhibitions of Algis Griskevicius, Arunas Baltenas and other renowned artists. The list of our clientele is quite long and many well-known and established names in the scene of photography have used and continue to use our services. We have also collaborated with artists from abroad, such as the “flying photographer” David Allen or Yves Bassi who takes his photographs with a unique “Tortuga 5” camera – the prints can be even 3 metres long! We are pleased that new and emerging photographers (Ugnius Gelguda, Akvilė Anglickaitė, Tomas Černiševas and others) trust us and print their works in ProCentras.

ProCentras collaborates with the Union of Lithuanian Art Photographers, the increasingly popular Efoto magazine and the Lithuanian Press Photographers Club.

This website has been created for your needs and convenience. We encourage all photographers to exhibit their works in our virtual gallery – this way your works will be part of our “Virtual exhibition”. Our “News” section will always provide useful information, interesting articles and opinions of photography experts. If you have any ideas or want to share something, please do not hesitate to contact us – we always welcome comments and suggestions!