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Photo print service

  • High quality large format digital photographic prints on traditional photographic paper up to the size of 1,27m (width) to 50m (length). Type of paper – matt. Photographic process – traditional photographic – RA-4. The advantage of digital print is the technique of ‘water rinse’ by which the salts are washed away from the paper, thus the durability of the photograph is guaranteed.

  • Small format prints by digital laboratory, sizes ranging from 10x15cm to 21x35cm. Type of paper – gloss or matt.

  • Prints from positive and negative films (135mm, 120 mm), plates (4x5cm, 9x12cm). Films should not be shorter than 2 frames.

  • Photo printing from all types of digital files and mediums and memory cards of the cameras. If you edit and prepare those digital files yourselves, make sure you save them as Jpeg or Tiff. Colour scale – RGB or sRGB, resolution for large format prints – 300 px/inch. If you have any further questions about the preparation of files, please contact us!

  • Photo development printing and covers for CDs (12x12 cm). Sizes range from 10x15 cm to 20x35cm.