Photo service

  • We develop colour negative films (135 mm, 120 mm) by C-41 process, black&white films (135 mm, 120 mm) by D-76 process, and slides (135 mm, 120 mm) by E-6 process. We also develop plates, preferably a larger quantity. We can wash already developed films.

  • We scan negative or positive films and plates, and write to CDs. We reproduce/scan photographs or pictures/paintings and write to digital memory devices.

  • We mount prints on aluminium base (3 mm) or foam core/base (3mm, 5mm) and laminate them. Photographs thus mounted and laminated become more durable and protected from environmental impact, suitable for transportation to exhibitions, creating an interior design or commercial use for advertising.

  • We provide photo design. We offer digital manipulation, image repair, photo editing, removal of red eye effect, and create photomontages. For your convenience we edit and print reproductions of artworks. We restore old photographs by digital editing.

  • We create and bind photo albums. We suggest that you bind your favourite printed photographs (for example, your best holiday moments, festivals or work portfolio) in a photo album. The size of the album is 21x30 cm. If you would like this service, we also suggest that you print your photographs with us – this way you can save time!

  • We frame photos, paintings, works on canvas. Our experts will help you choose the right frames and frame works in any format. We use only quality materials.